Dubrovnik, Croatia

Winter is Coming to Dubrovnik

Winter is coming!

Winter is Coming to Dubrovnik


Winter is coming to Croatia! Filming of the popular show, The Game of Thrones, may be over for the winter but visiting the place where the magic happens is available any time of the year. Dubrovnik has somewhat lower temperatures and unstable weather conditions but it doesn’t affect the enthusiasm of the true Game of Thrones fans that decide to visit the capital of Westeros in low season.

From all the low-season months, January may prove to be the most trying if you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik or Southern Croatia in general. Direct airline connections are sparse and a great deal of businesses closet for the season after the New Year’s celebrations. Most locals will also take their holidays in January so the town will feel awfully quiet. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting.

Visiting Dubrovnik at this time of the year may provide the most intimate experience of the city. It is as if you have the whole city to yourself. You can spend time in Split (aka Mereen from the show) even if it is the rainy season. You can still experience the beauty of it. In Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones tours happens in the dead of winter, rain or shine. At Tour the Game of Thrones, we are always here to show our guests and fans around. You won’t be disappointed no matter when you come to visit.

Despite the trying weather, you have much more room to maneuver in the city including renting a car, which is the best means of transportation in the low season in Croatia. You will get around a lot more efficiently and effectively. There aren’t many people on the roads so you will avoid traffic and crowded streets.

Visiting any tourist spot when it is out of season holds certain magic to it. It’s as if the attraction has closed down just for you! The tours for Game of Thrones still happen so if this is what brings you to Croatia in the winter, we say come visit! You won’t be disappointed no matter what time of year you are here but you may just enjoy the beauty of the emptiness even more than high season.

Regardless of the challenging weather during winter, all fans agree that sleepy Dubrovnik in low season holds a certain enigmatic charm. Perhaps this is because seeing Dubrovnik without crowds in these conditions enhances the Game of Thrones feel. There is only one way for you to find out: visit Dubrovnik before it gets busy again!

At Tour the Game of Thrones, we want you to have the best vacation possible. If you venture here in the winter, we promise we will make it worth your while. With all there is to see and do in Dubrovnik and around Croatia, you won’t miss the hot weather, sunshine, and crowds.

Winter is coming! Pack your bags and visit Dubrovnik!


Delightful time

My wife and I did a GOT tour of Dubrovnik with Tomislav Matana and absolutely loved it! He was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging and we had a delightful time! Would would highly recommend him and the tour to our friends!
Ariel Ennis,

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