Dubrovnik, Croatia

Visit Dubrovnik in the Fall

Why you should visit Dubrovnik in the fall


Dubrovnik in autumn is a glorious time of the year to visit this amazing city. Autumn is the most underrated time to visit Croatia in general, the temperatures have dropped, the level of traffic has subsided and everyone can breathe a bit easier. Here’s why you should abandon the usual June through August visit and come to see Dubrovnik in September through November.

The city walls

The imposing city walls that usually host millions of people in the baking sun doesn’t have much appeal during this heavy tourist season. Come mid-September the crazy crowds and hot burning sun have come to a halt and you can breathe a bit easier. You can walk the walls with ease, with a gentle breeze blowing and a few clouds to keep the sun at bay, allowing you to enjoy the incredible views and photo opportunities that those amazing walls have to offer.

Stari Grad

Stradun, in Dubrovnik’s old town, is arguably the most picturesque street in the world. It is a photogenic, awe-inspiring architectural dream but it is also much hotter than anywhere else in the area. The huge stone walls radiate the heat in summer but in the autumn, you can breathe a bit easier. Now you can appreciate the beauty of Stradun without worrying how you are going to get out of the heat.

Mount Srdj

The cable car that takes you up to Mount Srdj is absolutely breathtaking and a must do for tourists. The long line for the cable car ceases in autumn and allows you to enjoy the scenery a bit more while you wait. The restaurant at the top of Mount Srdj is less crowded and the breeze is something to appreciate.

Banje beach

The city beach known as Banje is so overcrowded during the summer months that you can barely move. It is the most accessible place to jump into the sea and is one of Dubrovnik’s best beaches. During autumn the beachgoers thin out and come October, you and a handful of beachgoers can enjoy the fantastic views of Lokrum and the old town with peace and quiet.


During the summer months, many tours take place in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas and one theme of most popularity is the Game of Thrones tours. While it is great to tour the area with a tour guide during the summer months, it is equally as wonderful to take a tour with one of them in the fall. You will be able to breath better, move better and take more time to look at the scenery and visit places for more than just a minute or two.

Dubrovnik is a wonderful, magical place and visiting in the summer is a must. However, if you have an opportunity to come back in the autumn months, we highly recommend it. At Tour the Game of Thrones we are available year round to show you highlights of the famous television series and show you everything else this amazing city has to offer.


Absolutely brilliant!

Tom is an absolutely brilliant guide and I would highly recommend him. This was our 2nd tour with him and as before, he was entertaining as well as informative and happy to tailor the tour to suit the needs of our group. The island trip to Lokrum (Qarth) was a lovely relaxing way to end the tour after all the climbing and walking around the Game of Thrones sites within the Old Town in the morning.
Judy S.,

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