Dubrovnik, Croatia

Touring King’s Landing in low season

Winter is Coming! To be fair, winter has already been with us for some time, however it has only shown its uglier side in the last two weeks. After an unusually dry and warm December, January has brought rain and sudden wind chills to Dubrovnik. However, somewhat lower temperatures and unstable weather conditions didn’t affect the enthusiasm of the true Game of Thrones fans that decided to pay a visit to the capital of Westeros in low season.

From all the low-season months, January may prove to be the most trying if you’re planning your trip to Dubrovnik or

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik

Enjoying a drink at Buza bar

Southern Croatia in general. Direct airline connections are scarce (apart from the regular flights from the Croatian capital Zagreb) and a great deal of businesses close for the season after the New Year’s celebration. Most locals also take their holidays in January so the town feels awfully quiet.

Nevertheless, visiting Dubrovnik at this time of the year may provide the most intimate experience of the city. This is what Stacie and her boyfriend mentioned, stating that: “It was as if we had the whole city only to ourselves!”. The couple from Oklahoma, US, has originally planned to spend their New Year’s eve in Split (aka Mereen from the show), however they had to reschedule the flight due to the snowy weather and have ended up coming to Croatia one week later. After a couple of rainy days in Split, they decided to take the bus to Dubrovnik and do the Game of Thrones Tour. In spite of the fact that their return bus ride lasted longer than their time in Dubrovnik, they have thoroughly enjoyed their day trip. We made sure that they don’t miss any of the GOT sites and since the weather cleared up we also had time to enjoy a drink at the iconic Buza Bar.

Dubrovnik GOT Tour

Paula at the Shame Shame steps

Paula, a medical student from Chile, also took a bus to get to Dubrovnik, but since she traveled all the way from Zagreb (8 hours on the bus!), she opted to spend one night in Dubrovnik. Just as Stacie and her boyfriend, Paula also experienced a fair share of rainy days during her Euro-trip and Dubrovnik wasn’t an exception. Our tour also started a bit later because we had to wait for the rain to calm down a bit, but as the day progressed the weather changed for the better allowing plenty of photo opportunities for Paula, who proved to be quite a passionate photographer. Although Paula read the first three books from “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, she was still two seasons behind so I had to maneuver carefully around the spoilery sites. However, she was still properly acquainted with some locations that were used in the most controversial episodes and will surely remember the tour after seeing these on screen 😉

Trsteno Arboretum GOT tour

Amelia and Mick as Oberyn and Cersei

The Australian newlyweds Mick and Amelia have planned their visit to Dubrovnik much earlier as a part of a 3-month long honeymoon trip that started in September. After they covered South and North America and a large part of Europe, they finally arrived to Croatia where they spent a whole week, passing through Zagreb, Plitvice, Zadar and Split with their rental car (which is by far the best means of transport in low season in Croatia). Dubrovnik was the last stop of the Croatian part of their holiday, and being genuine GOT fans they couldn’t allow to miss our Complete King’s Landing tour. Rain wasn’t an issue this time, but the strong cold northern Bura wind which only blows in this part of the year (about which I wrote some time ago). In spite to the windy conditions we managed to thoroughly cover both Dubrovnik and Trsteno locations as well as to include a snack in one of the best pizzerias in town – Tabasco.

Regardless of the challenging weather all the fans agreed that sleepy Dubrovnik in low season holds a certain enigmatic charm. Perhaps this is because seeing Dubrovnik without crowds in these conditions enhances the Game of Thrones feel? Well, there is only one way to find out – visit Dubrovnik before it gets busy!

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  • Mick in Flea Bottom
  • Amelia in Flea Bottom
  • Mick at the gates of King's Landing
  • Amelia (Cersei) visiting High Sparrow
  • Amelia doing a walk of shame
  • Mick at the Walk of Shame
  • Paula at the Red Keep
  • Paula at the Red Keep 2
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Friendly and considerate

I can't say enough about how great Tom was. My gf and I had a tour with him on August 6th. He first asked if we were caught up on GOT, and if we had read the books. Very considerate of him. The tour was fun, thorough, and covered the history of Dubrovnik, along with GOT. Tom was very friendly and considerate, making sure we took adequate rests and got plenty of water for all of the walking we did.
Joseph Lahiff,

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