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When you visit Dubrovnik, you are most likely going to want to tour the Game of Thrones sites that made the hit show a success. Many fans come to Croatia to explore the landmarks they remember seeing on the show. Many of the show’s famous scenes were shot here and it’s an exciting tour to take!

Did you know that in addition to successfully running the Game of Thrones-themed tours since 2012, we are so much more than that? Manus Regis is a touring company based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We provide a wide range of touring services and travel arrangements although we are best knows for the Game of Thrones-themed tours.

All of our guides are officially licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and are authorized to provide expert commentary on the locations and historical and cultural significance in the Dubrovnik region. And although all of them come from different backgrounds (history teacher, archaeologist, travel agency manager, etc.), they share the same passion regarding the book and television series that has captivated a broad audience all around the world. In fact, they are proud to be a part of the same Game of Thrones fan base!

All of the tours we offer are private so that you will have your own guide at your full disposal during the entire length of the tour. Feel free to pick their brains on the diverse topics, both related and unrelated to the Game of Thrones. We are also proud to say that a few of our guides assisted in the making of the series through their direct participation as extras in the filming of the Game of Thrones!

We are extremely proud to be a part of Dubrovnik’s tourism and to show you all that this exciting city and surrounding areas have to offer. Dubrovnik is fast becoming a destination spot for many travelers. We know that the popularity of the Game of Thrones show has given Dubrovnik much notoriety but this city is more than just a filming spot. Dubrovnik’s history and gorgeous setting give it recognition all on its own.

Nestled along the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a city with rich culture and history. The people here are proud and have come a long way in making this area what it is today. When you tour the city you will take away so much more than just a tour of a television show. You will learn what is so special about this place, why the makers of the Game of Thrones chose to film here. There is something so magical about Dubrovnik that you are going to want to experience it for yourself.

When you decide to visit Croatia, make the Tour the Game of Thrones team part of your excursion. We promise that you will learn so much more than where a television show was filmed. You will learn why this area was selected. For its beauty and history, you won’t believe what you see here!


Relaxed and good time

Big fan of GOT. Brought along my two kids (ages 5 and 8). Tomislav was an AMAZING tour guide! So knowledgeable about all the scenes and not even that..he also gave a lot of extra info on the city Dubrovnik! He helped tailor our tour to accomodate our kids and helped give recommendations for going to Lokrum and other GOT scenes! Highly recommend if you want to have a relaxed and good time! Thank you Tom!!!
Tiffany Garraton,

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