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Most fans join a Game of Thrones tour to visit the filming locations around Croatia. In addition to retracing Cersei’s now-famous steps of repentance, they want to see Blackwater Bay, the city of Qarth, the arena where The Mountain felled Prince Oberyn, and the garden in which Joffrey Baratheon sputtered his last vile breath. Tour the Game of Thrones, led by Tomislav Matana has been in existence since 2012. He has been leading Game of Throne tours in Dubrovnik and on nearby Lokrum Island (aka Qarth) and has seen an increase in bookings as the show gained popularity of the years.

Croatia is a hot destination right now with more and more tourists coming to see not only the Game of Thrones attractions but to see this beautiful city, Dubrovnik, and all that it has to offer. The show has also been shot at locations in Ireland, Iceland, Morocco, and Spain but it’s Croatia’s walled cities, clear Adriatic waters, Mediterranean climate and food, and fascinating history as part of the Roman, Venetian and Hapsburg empires, as well as the former Yugoslavia.

Dubrovnik existed as a free, independent city-state for centuries, starting in the 1300s. It was a trading and shipbuilding center until Napoleon finally conquered it in 1808. Ships sailing from Dubrovnik often flew whatever flag it took to stay free, earning the nickname, “Town of Seven Flags.”

The impressive stone walls that still surround the city and protected it from invaders are thought to be one of the greatest fortifications of medieval times. As grand as King’s Landings appears on the small screen, Dubrovnik is even prettier in person; its red-tiled roofs and polished limestone streets flow in the morning sun while sea birds sweep the sky and church bells toll.

Through Dubrovnik is Croatia’s gem, Split is another picturesque walled city along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast that is worth seeing. Here, you can see some of the filming locations that became Meereen, the slave city where Danerys Targaryen set up her base in Essos, and where the Sons of the Harpy battled with her Unsullied soldiers.

Split’s Old Town walls are actually the perimeter walls of a palace built by Roman emperor Diocletian in 305AD. Centuries after Diocletian died, peasants from the surrounding countryside moved into his crumbling palace to escape barbarians attaching from the north and east. Inside the ruined palace, the squatters essentially built a new city, which is now a charming mish-mosh of Roman walls and arches, columns and sphinx statues from Egypt, twisting cobbled alleyways, Venetian buildings, and boutique properties. The palace’s cellars where the Meereen dungeons that housed Daenerys’s dragons.

If you want to channel your inner Daenerys, visit Dubrovnik and Tour the Game of Thrones with tour guide, Tom. He is a knowledgeable guide and part-time historian and was the first to offer Game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik. He is also a fan of the show and will give you the scoop on filming locations, as well as discuss the storyline and give his perspective.

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Flexible, interesting and witty

Very knowledgeable, fun tour guide. Had an excellent knowledge of both Dubrovnik history and also the GOT. Happy to spend extra time with customers and added a few additional quirks to the tour "shame" "shame" was funny.
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