Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Winds of Winter

The Finnish group that toured King’s Landing with me this Saturday has confirmed my belief that the Scandinavians are among the most loyal members of the Game of Thrones fan base. In spite to the strong cold Bura wind that blew for the whole duration of the tour, Milka’s group was determined to see all the filming locations and walk the entire length of the most prominent Dubrovnik landmark – the magnificent City Walls.

Game of Thrones tourVisiting Dubrovnik in the low season (November-April) can be quite rewarding as it allows the travelers to experience the medieval historic center without any crowds. The downside is that the town can be really quiet (a great deal of bars and restaurants only open after Easter), the airline connections are not that frequent and the weather isn’t always cooperative. In March the weather generally becomes more stable and less rainy, but the chills of the seasonal Bura wind can be a bit of a nuisance.

Notwithstanding our local ‘winds of winter’, the Finns proved to be tough and accustomed to cold weather so Milka’s group didn’t seem to have much problems with Bura. They even mentioned that this was not really winter for them as the temperatures were still much lower where they came from. However, there are some positive sides to Bura. This crisp, dry wind blows the clouds away, the weather is sunny and the visibility is greatly improved, which you can see from the gallery below.

It is said that the Bura wind in March needs to blow three times before the spring can actually commence so we have another two ‘winds of winter’ to look forward to. So I’m afraid that the Winter is… Still here 😉

  • Finnish Group in Red Keep
  • Joffrey moment
  • Power is Power VS Knowledge is Power
  • Defying the Winds of Winter
  • Another Joffrey moment
  • Dubrovnik after Bura wind
  • Jaime and Brienne, back in Kings Landing
  • Getting closer to House of the Undying
  • Posing at the spot where Khaleesi dissappeared
  • Another post-Bura panorama

Fun, fascinating and fantastic!

Fun, Fascinating & Fantastic!! This is a "must do" in Dubrovnik. We visited Dubrovnik with our 2 teenagers - all of us GOT fans - and Tom gave us an amazing tour of his city. He happily listened to our many questions and managed a perfect balance of history and fun features of the show. As a university professor he shared his knowledge and insights into aspects of Dubrovnik in an interesting and enjoyable way that brought the city's history to life in a way we would never have discovered on our own.
Michael Atmore,

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