Dubrovnik, Croatia

Joffrey’s Nameday Swordfight

Another Game of Thrones fan that toured with me a year ago got in touch and sent me a couple of images from the tour that happened in June 2014. This was probably the slowest tour that I’ve ever done as both me and Neil from the UK, who booked the tour, had walking difficulties.

Game of Thrones TourAfter he had booked the tour Neil told me that his recovery from hip surgery had taken longer than expected and that he would probably need to use the crutch. Although I warned him that The Game of Thrones Tour requires taking a lot of steps (it takes about 180 steps only to reach the Fort of St Lawrence) and proposed that we only cover few more accessible points, being a true fan he insisted in seeing all the filming locations.

In the meantime, the destiny wanted that I synchronize my pace with Neil’s. During one of my tours I slipped over a wet cobblestone while I was running to find the refuge from the sudden rain and sprained my ankle. This happened just few weeks before the Neil’s tour and that injury followed me for some time and I ended up relying on the hiking sticks for most of the summer.

In spite to our limited mobility, the tour turned out to be extremely fun as you can see from the pictures in the gallery where Neil and I recreated the swordfight tourney scene for Joffrey’s nameday  at the genuine location of the Red Keep – the Fortress of St Lawrence.

Thanks for the pictures Neil; they really brought back the memories of a great tour!

Blog readers, there is a moral to this tale: when it rains in Dubrovnik, don’t run, but thread softly and carefully – just as Lord Varys would do 🙂


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Best Christmas present for my family

I have purchased a private tour ticket for my son and my husband for Christmas as a gift. We were spending time in Europe visiting family and as they both loved Game of Thrones I thought it would be the perfect gift. I must say they/we were not disappointed. I have looked at all my options and read all the reviews on TripAdvisor so picking the private tour, just for the 3 of us, seemed the best way to go. I had to make some changes to the dates and times as our itinerary had to change, but we were quickly accommodated by the Tour The Game of Thrones. We had Tomislav as our tour guide. He was very punctual and we were totally blown away by his knowledge of not only GOT but also of the history of Dubrovnik. We had no questions in answered. Tomislav was also really proud of his sister who was an extra in some of the episodes. So we also got to hear about being an extra in the show, which was really great. So if anyone is reading this review please go ahead and book your personalized GOT tour as I promise you will not be disappointed. My gift to my family as they said “was one of the best Christmas gifts” I have ever given them. It was out of this world
Georgina Morvai,

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