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Star Wars are coming to King’s Landing!

It is finally official – Dubrovnik will be featured as one of the locations for the new Star Wars movie! Hrvoje Hribar, the director of HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Center) has confirmed that a three-week-long speculation was true in his recent interview for the HRT’s Studio 4. The filming is scheduled to start on 9 March 2016 and will last one week. In spite to its short duration, the shooting of the Star Wars Episode VIII in Dubrovnik will be the biggest investment per day in film industry in Croatia worth over 5.5 million US$.

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Banje beach, one of confirmed Star Wars filming locations

The role that Dubrovnik’s going to play in the “galaxy far, far away” still remains a mystery as well as the names of the Star Wars cast that will be filming here from 9 till 16 March (so it is still uncertain whether we’re going to see Gwen Christie in Dubrovnik in a different role other than Brienne of Tarth).

However, once the Episode VIII hits the cinemas the Game of Thrones fans will surely be able to recognize some already familiar points. According to the information provided by the Lucasfilm Croatian partner Formula Film, the Star Wars episode VIII will be filmed at several Dubrovnik landmark locations that have previously been used by the HBO. These are: the Rector’s Palace (where Daenerys meets the Spice King in Qarth in Season 2), St Dominic Street & Weapons square (part of Cersei’s legendary walk of shame from Season 5) and the Dubrovnik’s best known attraction that has already featured half a dozen GOT scenes, the magnificent City Walls.

Aside from the mentioned Game of Thrones points, the filming of Star Wars is about to include some quite interesting places, such as Banje beach (famous pebbly beach just outside the Old Town), Peskarija (fish market quay that was also used as a filming point for the Bollywood movie “Fan” about a year ago) and Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main drag and arguably the best known (and perhaps the most beautiful:-) street in Croatia. Some of the confirmed Star Wars filming locations can be seen in a gallery below.

Having in mind that the Star Wars saga has a broad fan base all around the world, it is likely to believe that a Star Wars themed tour of Dubrovnik is bound follow the success of the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours. However, since the Episode VIII’s premiere is scheduled for December 2017, we’ll probably need to wait and see how it catches on. In any way, the existing GOT tour can be easily adjusted to include the Star Wars points as the Dubrovnik walking tour itinerary already covers some of these places. Since most of the clientele that books the GOT Dubrovnik Tour probably also belongs to the Star Wars fans camp, this should hardly be a problem :-).

One thing is certain, though, the Force is definitely strong in Dubrovnik!

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Big fan of GOT. Brought along my two kids (ages 5 and 8). Tomislav was an AMAZING tour guide! So knowledgeable about all the scenes and not even that..he also gave a lot of extra info on the city Dubrovnik! He helped tailor our tour to accomodate our kids and helped give recommendations for going to Lokrum and other GOT scenes! Highly recommend if you want to have a relaxed and good time! Thank you Tom!!!
Tiffany Garraton,

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