Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reasons To Visit Dubrovnik

Amazing reasons to visit Dubrovnik


Should there even be a specific reason to visit Dubrovnik? To gaze upon the Pearl of the Adriatic, a historic gem set within pristine City Walls is reason enough. But look around and you will find a medieval treasure trove, contemporary wine bars, panoramic restaurants, and bars with nothing but the sea beyond.

We have compiled a list of more reasons why you should go to Dubrovnik…

For the Rector’s Palace

If Dubrovnik’s City Walls are a display of the power of a one-time medieval city-state, then the Rector’s Palace is a look into the everyday details. The Rector presided over a superbly functioning self-government. His palace by the main square contains sedan chairs, wigs, and robes that helped him carry out his duties. Portraits of previous counterparts and colleagues line the walls. The clocks are set at quarter to six, the time when Napoleon’s troops entered the city in 1806.

For the Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Croatia’s own version of Edinburgh is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, started in 1950. This major cultural event brings the city to life, including the streets, walls, and facades of the historic Old Town. Dubrovnik’s festival is focused on classical music, opera and 16th-century theater, in particular, Shakespeare. Opening night is always July 10, closing ceremonies on August 25.

For Lokrum

The classic day trip away from the crowds of Dubrovnik’s Old Town is the taxi boat to the nearest island of Lokrum. Home to Benedictine monks for 700 years until 1808, Lokrum is said to be cursed. No hotels or houses stand on the island, meaning that its secluded beaches, botanical gardens, pathways, and ruined fort can be explored in peaceful isolation. You will find cafes near the harbor, the old monastery and the lake in the island’s southwestern corner.

For the Buza bars

Not known for its bars, Dubrovnik happens to have two that are exceptional for their unique setting. Referred to as Buza, or “hole in the wall,” each is cut into the sea-facing cliffs that support Dubrovnik’s City Walls and both gaze out onto the seamless blue of the Adriatic.

For the wine

With the wine-growing peninsula of Peljesac so close, Dubrovnik has long provided Croatia’s best labels in its restaurants. Gathering some 100 domestic varieties under one roof, more than half available by the glass, Dubrovnik’s first wine bar “D’Vino” in the heart of the Old Town allows you to sample some of the finest varieties from Istria and Slavonia.

For the City Walls

A tour of the City Walls provides a panoramic introduction to what was a significant sea-faring power. Dotted by towers created by Florentine master Michelozzo, who left plans for other architects to follow, the City Walls protected a thriving city-state from potential invasion by Venetians and Ottomans. Today they offer a unique view of the Old Town, still intact, and the serene Adriatic beyond.

For the beaches

Finding a beach in Dubrovnik is easy. Just walk through the Ploce Gate from the Old Town and Banje is right next to it. Being the city beach, Banje is always crowded but pleasant at the same time. Locals prefer to head to the outskirts of town and the more secluded pleasures of Sveti Jakov, just past the Villa Dubrovnik hotel.

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How do you provide a tour for 3 adults, 1 teen, 2 children, 2 in their 70's, and 1 GOT fan? I don't know how but Tom did and kept everyone happy. From the tour through town, to walking the walls, to video clips of GOT he kept everyone engaged for over 3 hours. He even arranged lunch at a wonderful local ethnic restaurant by the Spanish steps. Dubrovnik sells itself but Tom made this port the unanimous favorite of the cruise. This was my first time working with this website and I highly recommend it.
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