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PG GOT Tour of Dubrovnik

Violence, gore and nudity are well known ingredients of The Game of Thrones that the show runners often treat as useful plot devices just as much as suspense, intrigue and fantasy. In fact, the excessive use of female (and to lesser extent male) nudity in the show has often sparked debates about the exploitative nature of The Game of Thrones that arguably overshadowed the superb acting and masterful directing of dramatic moments and action sequences.

Regardless of what the commentators might think, The Game of Thrones is perhaps the most interesting TV phenomenon of the 21st century and this is greatly because of a high frequency of shocking moments that the show continues to deliver from season to season. The bloodshed, cruelty, raw struggle for power and explicit sex scenes are inextricable part of the show, which was famously dubbed as ‘The Sopranos in Middle Earth’. Only the first season had featured 4.5 murders per episode and 5.6 breasts per episode so it’s quite understandable why the show quickly earned its PG/R tag (see more fun GOT statistics at the fun video by AllTime Numbers below).

I have been running the private GOT-themed tour of Dubrovnik for some 4 years now and I noticed that a large portion of travelers amounts to families with kids. It often happens that the teenagers are quite ardent show-watchers while the parents tend to be in blissful ignorance about certain aspects of the show, so the tours can have some funny moments. This often happens when we reach the filming location of the Littlefinger’s brothel, so the tour narrative requires me to mince words and use more neutral terms, such as ‘Littlefinger’s establishment’. The other awkward issue is the usage of explicit images in the booklet that shows the filming locations, which really cannot be avoided at certain points (such as the Cersei’s walk of shame from Season 5).

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik GOT tour with Edwards family

Sometimes it turns out that the parents are the actual GOT fans while the kids are still too young to watch the show so it requires special skills to keep both camps equally engaged and entertained during the tour. This was the case with the Edwards family and their three lovely daughters, aged 3, 7 & 9. As we navigated through the GOT filming locations in medieval Dubrovnik, there was a lot of GOT related and unrelated questions, especially from the curious 7-year old Mackenzie. It required a lot of patience, some answer dodging and a great deal of role playing to keep the kids occupied. Although the tour has put my diplomatic abilities to serious test (young Mackenzie was a tough examiner), the result was perhaps the most fun (and the cutest) tour that I had in times. Apparently, the Edwards family was equally pleased with the tour as the pater familias, Ryan mentioned that this was ‘the best guided tour they ever had’, stating also that talkative Mackenzie still raved about the tour during the dinner after they had returned to their cruise ship.

PG GOT Dubrovnik tour has therefore been successfully tested and approved by the Edwards family. It will be years until the girls are allowed to watch the show (and by then the mystery about Jon Snow’s fate and parentage will probably be answered), but they will have pictures to remember the tour by :-). Thank you guys for a great touring experience!


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Flexible, interesting and witty

Very knowledgeable, fun tour guide. Had an excellent knowledge of both Dubrovnik history and also the GOT. Happy to spend extra time with customers and added a few additional quirks to the tour "shame" "shame" was funny.
Kayleigh Fish,

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