Dubrovnik, Croatia

Holiday in Croatia

Have a star-spangled holiday in Croatia!


While America celebrates its independence this July 4th, the rest of the world is taking holiday to exotic destinations. Even if you are American, why not show your independence by getting out of the states and taking an adventure? That adventure can be in Croatia! With so many American tourists coming to Croatia, why not you? Croatia is one of the top European vacation spots. One visit here and you will see why.

Croatia has stepped as one of the most desirable places to visit in Europe because it has so much to offer. It has beautiful beaches overlooking the Adriatic Sea, wonderful and rich history and culture and many places and things to see and do that we guarantee one visit won’t be enough. There are exquisite restaurants, fantastic shopping and guided tours that will show you everything.

If you truly want to do something American here, Tour the Game of Thrones offers wonderful tours to visit all the locations where the American HBO series was filmed. The show may be filmed on location in foreign lands but the show was based upon a book written by an American! What better way to celebrate your wonderful country than to take a tour honoring one of its American treasures!

Game of Thrones was a wonderful series inspired by a book created by American writer, George R.R. Martin. Viewers all around the world checked in every week to see what wonderful and exciting adventure was coming to them. There are spinoffs being created and here in Croatia, we don’t see the phenomenon dying anytime soon. In fact, the show is so popular in Croatia that people come from all over the world to see its filming locations.

But Game of Thrones isn’t the only thing that was developed out of Croatia. There is an island here called Brac and it is famous for its glorious white stone. This particular white stone was used in the construction of The White House in Washington DC. We aren’t kidding! There is more American involved in this country than you know!

If you truly want to have a fun holiday this summer, Croatia has it all. Wonderful climate, amazing scenery, magnificent tours, and delicious food, just to name a few of the great things that await you here. With so much to do and see, you will be scheduling your return visit before you even head back home. You won’t be able to fit everything in one visit so don’t even try! Croatia may be a small country but it is big on personality and there are many things to discover here.

Tour the Game of Thrones is a guided tour that takes you through Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas to show you the locations that were used in filming Game of Thrones. Along the way, you will discover Croatia’s rich history and its friendly culture. You think you know Croatia but we promise you really don’t!

This summer, Tour the Game of Thrones and learn about this incredible country in the process. There is no better way than to celebrate your country’s freedom than enjoy your own freedom!


Great touring company: flexible and professional

We were visiting Dubrovnik for a day on the cruise ship P&O Aurora and whilst it had been quite a while since we last visited we wanted to do something a bit different than just walk around the walls. After looking at all the various options available and considering a few tour companies we decided that this company would offer a great tour and our pre tour correspondence with them helped to convince us that we'd made a correct decision. even when we had fairly late notice that our cruise itinerary had changed which meant arriving 3 days earlier than originally planned they were able to accomodate this change. We also changed our meeting place as the ship was tendering us in to the Old Harbour so our guide, Karmen, met us there instead of us needing to walk through to the Pile Gate. There were 10 of us in our tour group, some familiar with GoT and others less so but the tour was fascinating to all the people in our group regardless of their familiarity with the story. Karmen was excellent and took her time in showing us around Dubrovnik with, of course, a special emphasis on the places where particular scenes from GoT were filmed and showing us the contrast between the actual site and the TV version. We enjoyed a good walk around the City and never felt crowded as Karmen mainly kept us away from the very busy centre (there were about 3 other large cruise ships in that day) and after we'd finished our tour here we caught the ferry across to Lokrum Island where there was more GoT things including the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne. All of us were absolutely delighted with our tour here and would strongly recommend this company to anyone visiting Dubrovnik.
David Raymonde,
Bury, UK

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