Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hire A Tour Guide On Vacation

Is it worth it to hire a tour guide on vacation?


If you have never gone on vacation and hired a private tour guide, you may be missing out on some truly amazing experiences. Maybe you read guidebooks, consult the Internet and read reviews about where to go. That’s a great start but shouldn’t be your determining factors on what to see when you get where you are going. There are large group tours for those who want to sightsee and develop friendships and there are those knowledgeable, private tours that help you sort through the must-sees and the maybes. These are the people that live where you are going and can help you see a place like you’ve never seen before.

On your vacation, every minute counts. So plan your trip wisely. If you have decided to vacation in Croatia, there are some interesting tours you can take, depending on what you want to see and where you want to go. Of course, if you are reading this article, you are interested in taking a tour of the Game of Thrones and you want to visit all the filming locations that made this show so epic. We get it, we are fans too. And that’s what makes us more qualified than most.

At Tour the Game of Thrones, we are tour guides who live and work in and around Dubrovnik. We obviously know the ins and outs of the city and its surroundings. This is great so that you can not only see where the Game of Thrones was filmed but you will learn some history about the city as well. But what we offer is so much more. We are fans of the amazing show and so when you tour the places where it was filmed, you are gaining knowledge from fans that are geeked out as you are! We think that really says something.

There are plenty of people who will approach you on the streets telling you that you can pay them to get you into a museum or attraction with no waiting in line. These are not certified guides and it will end up costing you more money than it is worth. If you are going to use a private guide, like Tour the Game of Thrones, plan ahead and talk via email with a guide before you even get to your destination. They are a wealth of knowledge and will help you get the most from your visit.

All in all, a certified private guide will be worth the money. When you take into consideration the investment you make in your vacation, adding a few hundred dollars to complete the experience is a small price to pay. Having the ability to ask questions as you go and engage in a dialog with the guide makes it all worthwhile. Tour guides arrange reservations so you don’t have to wait in most lines to enter popular attractions.

When you come to Dubrovnik, Tour the Game of Thrones and get the most out of your Croatian vacation.


Great service all around

Tom delivered on exactly what was promised--a great peak inside they key Dubrovnik sites used in GOT. Even my kids who are too young to watch GOT enjoyed the tour. In the afternoon we were supposed to visit the Arboretum, but unprecedented traffic really messed with our plans. Tom and his driver went above and beyond to accommodate--Tom did a very abbreviated but still excellent tour of the arboretum--and our driver was speedy but safe--getting us to the airport on time. Great service all around!
Leigh Bachman,

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