Dubrovnik, Croatia

GOT fans from Singapore

In the last three years I met and toured with countless ‘Game of Thrones’ fans that came to Dubrovnik from different parts of the world.  I have a lot of great memories of these tours and am really happy when these fans get in touch with me after some time and share their enthusiasm as well as the images they took during the tour.

Game of Thrones tourFew days ago I got a few pictures that reminded me of the tour I had with my Singaporean friends, Marli&Ahmad who visited the real King’s Landing about a year ago. This was in early April and although the weather was a bit moody, we were still able to make most of the tour. As April is still considered low season, there were not that many tourists around so we were able to enjoy the Complete King’s Landing tour without any crowds.

First we  visited the Trsteno Arboretum, AKA “Tyrell Garden”, which we practically had for ourselves. Apart from covering iconic scenes involving the Tyrells and the other characters from the show, we also had some time to explore the Arboretm, which is a former aristocratic estate from 15th century that used to belong to a wealthy Dubrovnik family of shipowners and naval captains. Aside from the characteristic gardens, pond and gazebo that are featured in the show, we also stopped and checked out an old oil press where I demonstrated how the extra virgin olive oil used to be produced in the traditional way (see the gallery below).

After finishing our tour of the Arboretum we moved to Dubrovnik King’s Landing locations. Our first stop Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tourwas the abandoned hotel Belvedere, where Oberyn Martell foolishly lost Trial by Combat on account of being too cocky.  We took several panoramic pictures of Dubrovnik and Lokrum island and then moved to Dubrovnik’s medieval center to cover the rest of the Game of Thrones points: the Fortress of St Lawrence (AKA Red Keep), Gradac Park (AKA Purple Wedding venue), Rector’s Palace (AKA Spice King’s mansion in Qarth) as well as other King’s Landing/Qarth locations.

Marli also told me that the show had gained more popularity in Singapore from the Season 3 and that I can expect to see more Singaporeans in Dubrovnik, which actually came true as I had a chance to tour Game of Thrones locations with several Singaporean groups later on.

What I found most amusing about these images is that they also documented the result of a bet that I lost several days before the tour so you can see me sporting an uncharacteristic (but formidable) mustache. You are free to check out the gallery and let me know if I should grow it again or not 😉

  • Arriving to Tyrell Garden
  • Posing at Lady Olenna's gazebo
  • At Sansa's Goodswood
  • Olive oil press demonstration
  • At Trial By Combat arena with the real King's Landing in the background
  • At the spot where s**t hit the fan - King's Landing Riots
  • Some Dubrovnik history insights
  • Inside the Red Keep
  • Going deeper in Red Keep
  • Checking out Red Keep from another familiar angle
  • Showing how close Qarth is
  • Above 'Mud Gate'
  • Red Keep & Blackwater Bay
  • End of Tour pose (time to shave off my ugly mustache)

Inspiring GOT tour of Dubrovnik

Although we booked the shortest touring option, Tomislav was able to inspire us not only with Game of Thrones related information but also the history of Dubrovnik and the Old Town. He has a great sense of humour and outstanding English.
Shirley Ruetimann,
United Kingdom

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