Dubrovnik, Croatia

Game of Thrones, Wine & Oysters

Last Saturday’s Game of Thrones tour turned out to be extremely interesting from a gourmet point of view as the timing coincided with the annual Oyster Festival in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The oysters from the Bay of Mali Ston near Dubrovnik are renowned for their exquisite taste and quality and March is generally the time when they are at theGOT Tour Dubrovnikir tastiest and plumpest.

The annual Oyster Festival in Dubrovnik is generally organized on the last Saturday in March, as a reprise of the Feast of St Joseph in Mali Ston, where these oysters are actually grown and harvested. Aside for being well known for its oysters, Mali Ston is a famous for its massive 5,5km-long wall which connects it with the other medieval town on the other side of the hill, Ston. Both of these ancient towns could actually be used as  potential filming locations as they really seem like something out of the “Song of Ice and Fire” world. It is also important to mention that the wiDubrovnik GOT tournes from that region are considered to be among the best ones in Croatia.

The tour with Lisa and James started just as any other Game of Thrones tour, but I soon realized that we had other things, apart from the GOT, in common as both of them shared my enthusiasm with the local food delicacies and wine. The Oyster Festival provided a nice and interesting break on which even GRRM might have been envious about. The Mali Ston oysters were accompanied by the Rukatac and Plavac wine varieties which hailed from the Peljesac peninsula. We couldn’t resist but to take a bottle up to the City Walls and raise our glasses to the beginning of another great season.

Dear Lisa and James, thank you for this great tour! This was the first time that I enjoyed Rukatac on the walls. Who knows, I might even make this a custom from now on 😉

  • Lisa posing at Riots scene
  • James posing as Jaime
  • Red Keep and famous Sansa pier
  • Lisa&James at Blackwater Bay
  • Blackwater Bay from above
  • Swordfight for Joff's Nameday
  • Lisa and James posing at S5 location
  • Oyster fest in Dubrovnik
  • Wine & Oyster break!
  • Khalessi pose

Absolutely Great!

Tom was absolutely great! Not only was he very knowledgeable about the locations and scenes but was also able to give us historical information about the city. Can't recommend him highly enough.
Chris Roberts,

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