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If you are having Game of Thrones withdraws, fear not! There is plenty to do to celebrate this beloved show while you wait for its eighth season to return. Besides the obvious solution of rewatching the entire series and rereading all the books, there are many places you can visit to immerse yourself in the world of ice and fire until the show comes back to HBO.

Game of Thrones Touring Exhibition

HBO and event management company GES have teamed up to launch a touring Game of Thrones exhibit. It features props, costumes, set decorations and more from the show. It is a 10,000 square foot interactive experience that features exhibits inspired by the wintry landscapes of the North and the regal settings of King’s Landing, with the iconic Iron Throne Room as the centerpiece. This tour kicked off October 28, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain and is currently stopped in Paris, France. Visit gameofthronesexibition.com for more info.

Con of Thrones

For a weekend of nonstop Game of Thrones fun, head to Con of Thrones. 2018 Con of Thrones took place in May but be on the lookout for its return in 2019. The event brings fans together for panels, discussions, games, contests, autograph sessions and more. Go to their official website, conofthrones.net to sign up and get information on 2019’s Con of Thrones.

King’s Landing Walking Tour

Perhaps the best way to feel the presence of Game of Thrones without actually being in the show is to do walking tours of locations where the show was filmed. There are locations in Ireland and Iceland and most notably, Croatia. With its distinctive red roofs and ancient stone walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia is instantly recognizable as the setting for King’s Landing. Visit this seaside city and tour the Game of Thrones by taking a walking tour to see the exterior locations for the Red Keep, Littlefinger’s brothel and more. You can also tour Lokrum Island, where scenes set in the Essos city of Qarth were filmed.

There are so many resources available to you while you wait for season eight of Game of Thrones to begin. Getting out there and visiting the exhibition or taking a walking tour are the best ways to get your fill of the epic show that has fans around the world hungry for the show all year long. Because of the show’s complexity and lengthy production time, waiting between seasons can seem endless. Take a trip and get your fill of Game of Thrones now.

If you plan to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia there is more than taking a tour of the Game of Thrones here to see and do. This is an amazing city right on the Adriatic Sea that offers so many things to do and see and Game of Thrones is just one of them. Tour the Game of Thrones and then visit other magical parts of this great city.

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Fabulous guide for GOT and Dubrovnik

Tomislav was a fabulous guide. He tailored the tour to our interests and showed us all the areas that he thought would interest us. He took the time to find interesting sights for us to photograph and helped us with other suggestions on how to spend our time in Dubrovnik. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend Tom for your tour guide around Dubrovnik.
Scott Mantle,

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