Dubrovnik, Croatia

Game of Thrones Tours in Dubrovnik

The pearl of the Adriatic


If you’ve never been to Croatia, you should know that it is spectacular and amazing. The city of Dubrovnik is a prime example of such beauty. Crystal clear waters glisten under the sun. Boats, one of the primary forms of transportation, dot the sea in every direction. The medieval limestone walls of the Stari Grad that safeguard the city are impressive. The Pearl of the Adriatic is seductive and special and it only continues to grow in popularity.

Game of Thrones fans know this place as King’s Landing. It has also served as a film set for Robin Hood: Origins and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, drawing even more attention to the city. Dubrovnik also hosts UberBoat and the country’s first underwater winery in the nearby Peljesac peninsula. It’s so easy to see why the spotlight is shining on Dubrovnik right now.

Dubrovnik is a city that has recovered from the war damage it suffered during the 1990s and visitors have returned to this tranquil city. Nestled between the Adriatic and Dinaric Alps, it’s an accessible and affordable city break for many European travelers.

A walk around the ancient city walls and a cable car ride up to Mount Srd are definitely touristy but they are so worth it. The cable car ride is best done early in the morning to beat the heat, avoid the number of incoming cruisers in the middle of the day and is a great way to introduce yourself to the Old Town. Old Town is remarkable at sunset when pink and orange hues paint the sky.

There are so many things to see and do in Dubrovnik, including a guided tour of all the Game of Thrones sets and scenery. You will feel like you are on the television show yourself. It will amaze you how much of the scenery was real and can be found right here in Dubrovnik.   Don’t forget to visit Lokrum, an island that is home to the original Game of Thrones Iron Throne. If you are a fan of the HBO show, you also don’t want to miss the botanical gardens, one of the filming locations for the city of Qarth.

There are so many things to see in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas that you won’t want to miss a thing. Stick with tour guides who understand the city and will show you many things you probably wouldn’t find on your own. At Tour The Game of Thrones, we want you to see everything that was a part of the brilliant television show but we also want you to discover this magical city and all of the components that make it so special.

When you are ready to explore Croatia, make sure you have your tour guide lined up and get ready for some pure enjoyment. You will fall in love with Dubrovnik once you see everything it has to offer you. When you are looking for Game of Throne Tours in Dubrovnik, let us show you the way.


Wonderful guides, beautiful city

We had a marvelous time with Tom and his sister Tonka. They took us to all the GOT sites and showed us through a great photo album exactly what was filmed at those spots. Despite our cruise ship coming in to port a bit later than expected, Tom made every effort to fulfill the agenda and make it to all the locations we had previously discussed. Tom is very detailed and stayed in constant communications with us before our arrival. He monitored our arrival time to make sure we could get the most out of our short stay at this port of call. Our group consisted of just my husband and I and it was a perfect intimate guided tour where we were able to ask lots of questions and shoot pictures at all the sites. I would highly recommend this tour for a more personal and informative outing than what one would have received with the large group in a cruise ship guided tour! We would definitely do this again if we end up back in this amazing and beautiful country. You will not be disappointed with the wonderful guides or with the beauty of this city!
David and Ibis,
Florida, US

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