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Where to find Game of Thrones tours and attractions after the finale


The thought of the Game of Thrones finale brought bittersweet feelings to many fans. It meant an end to a brilliant piece of weekly escapism. While HBO is planning plenty of spin-offs to replace it, the legacy is being kept alive by fans and travelers around the world. We’ve rounded up some Game of Thrones tours and attractions so you don’t need to say goodbye to Westeros anytime soon.

Northern Ireland

The spiritual home of the show where most of the indoor scenes were filmed is located in Northern Ireland. The stunning landscape provided the locations to Winterfell, Castle Black, Pyke Island, and the Kingsroad, to name a few. A Game of Thrones Studio Tour located at Linen Mill Studios will be opening in early 2020.


Split is full of recognizable locations but a Game of Thrones museum opened with more than 100 exhibits showcasing the magic of the show. There are plenty of genuine set items, costumes, and excellent photo opportunities, including some with statues of the characters.

Also in Croatia, walk the streets of Dubrovnik and you will find everything Game of Thrones including a walking tour with Tour the Game of Thrones. You will be guided by people who worked on the show and are happy to share anecdotes from their time on set.


Iceland is the home of the Free Folk and the icy landscape is the perfect backdrop to any fantasy epic. A full-day Game of Thrones tour will bring you to some of the spectacular waterfalls featured in the series, a reconstruction of a Viking farm that was the setting for an attack by the Wildlings, and even to meet some of the horses used in the filming.


Long before Game of Thrones, the Atlas Film Studios were hosting Hollywood epics and the remnants of their sets have been left in the world’s largest filming studio, gathering dust in the expanse of the desert. As well as Astapor’s Square where Daenerys thrillingly freed the Unsullied, you’ll spot sets from Gladiator, Jewel of the Nile, and The Mummy.


Spain took an increasingly starring role in later seasons, providing the homelands for the Martells and Tyrells, as well as the windswept Dragonstone. Girona and Seville also lent their picturesque surroundings to King’s Landing. Braavos and the Water Gardens of Dorne.

With up to five Game of Thrones-related prequels in the works, it’s unlikely Westeros mania will cease anytime soon. In the unlikely event that happens, the stunning locations will be there forever to enjoy for their own merits or through the lens of your favorite TV show.

When you visit Croatia, be sure to book your Game of Thrones tour with us, Tour the Game of Thrones. We will make your time in our beautiful country meaningful and full of information not only about the show but about the history of our land as well.

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Incredibly Knowledgeable

Tom was a fantastic guide- incredibly knowledgeable and engaging! We had two game of thrones fans and his descriptions, photos, and trivia did not disappoint! For the non- GOT fan, Tom still brought the show and the history of Dubrovnik and Croatia to life. We highly recommend his tour and thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. Thanks Tom!!
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