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Game of Thrones Tourism in Dubrovnik Croatia


The tourists will be coming soon to Croatia enough. Many Dubrovnik visitors come to Croatia primarily because of the Game of Thrones. In the past few years touring the Game of Thrones locations has seen a surge that has brought in travelers from all over the world, even from places that are not generally perceived as Croatia’s traditions tourist markets, such as Philippines or Iceland. Regardless as to where they are from, their impressions are unanimous. For them, Dubrovnik was and always will remain King’s Landing. Dubrovnik has obviously become an inseparable part of the magical Game of Thrones world.

While other filming locations in Iceland and Northern Ireland managed to establish a direct connection between the rise of tourism and the popularity of the show, the seasonal nature of the Dubrovnik tourist industry makes measuring this a bit more difficult. Dubrovnik is a traditional summer tourist destination whose popularity has been growing constantly from the 1990s onward. Tourism was, in fact, the only sector that wasn’t touched by the global recession in 2008 as the number of tourists arrivals has shown a steady growth with an average of 10% annually.

Although the influence of the Game of Thrones on Dubrovnik’s tourist industry hasn’t been assessed properly, everyone can agree that the filming has definitely helped in putting Dubrovnik on the map, at least for those who weren’t aware of its existence or were not considering Dubrovnik as an option for their vacation. Thanks to one television series, that has all changed. The Game of Thrones show is one of the biggest television franchises in history and die-hard fans want to see where it was all filmed.

Dubrovnik, in its own right, is a magical and beautiful seascape and anyone who is lucky enough to come here immediately understands its beauty and history. The Croatian people are a proud bunch and they are happy to show what their city has to offer. In fact, many of the Game of Thrones tours add non-related stops to their tours so that you can see the beauty of Croatia for yourself. It isn’t just a place where they filmed a show. It’s a beautiful land full of beautiful people and places. If you don’t believe us, we encourage you to come and see for yourself.

At Tour the Game of Thrones, we love to show our visitors all of the wonderful places where the Game of Thrones was filmed but we also like to show you what gives this country its deep culture and rich history. It started long before the Game of Thrones came along.

If you are looking for a great vacation for your next getaway, consider Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas. Croatia is so lovely any time of year and offers so many things for you to see and do. Shopping and restaurants are in abundance and tours are unlimited. You will see everything you want and more.

Book your next vacation to Croatia and let Tour the Game of Thrones show you all that the magical city of Dubrovnik has to offer you.


Family Fun!

As a family of four with two boys aged 17 and 13 we really enjoyed our tour with Tom. As two of us don't watch Game of Thrones, Tom also incorporated general Dubrovnik History in our tour. It was excellent, really informative, the GOT side was fascinating, seeing the spots where scenes were filmed. We loved the city, our walk around the walls and having Tom give us such a personal insight was great. (He also recommended a great place for lunch!). Thankyou. The Storey Family
Graham Storey,

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