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The Croatian port, a World Heritage Site made famous by its starring role in the Game of Thrones, has witnessed a surge in arrivals over the last decade. Dubrovnik’s sturdy walls have protected it for eight centuries. In today’s world that protection doesn’t work on tourist overcrowding. If you want to tour the Game of Thrones and Croatia, as a whole, you are not alone. But there are ways to do it without having to fight the crowds that have grown to love Dubrovnik the way the locals do.

Visiting out of season is a great option to avoid the huge amount of tourists that come to Dubrovnik. The season from November to April can be lovely with many hotels and restaurants open for Christmas and New Year’s. Even opting for May or October rather than June to September can even lessen the crowded streets for your visit.

Looking for an alternative to the Old Town is another way to really enjoy Croatia. While you still want to tour the Game of Thrones and see some of the heritage that makes Dubrovnik an amazing place, make the most of your trip and get out and see the rest of Croatia. There are still tours that can show you around.

If you must come to Dubrovnik during peaking season (it certainly is a fun time) and you can handle the crowds, consider booking a private tour such as the one Tour the Game of Thrones has to offer. Why? Because they can take you on a tour of Dubrovnik and lead you away from the crowds when necessary and show you all the areas used to film the Game of Thrones without having to wait in lines or be hassled by huge crowds. The hustle and bustle of all the tourists can be fun but its best to take a private tour and learn everything from an expert guide. It’s like having your very own book of knowledge in a sea of lost people.

Get the most from your visit to Croatia and book a private tour. You will get expert advice on the best places to stay, eat and visit while you are in this wondrous city. You can also trust the experts to tell you other places in Croatia to visit. There are numerous areas around Croatia and beyond its borders that were filming spots for the Game of Thrones and that are just plain glorious to see

The experts at Tour the Game of Thrones are not only Game of Thrones fans and experts, they live here and they know all the best-kept secrets and hidden gems that Croatia has to offer. When you visit you want to book a private tour. You will be glad you did. The crowds are good but do you really want to walk around aimlessly trying to figure things out on your own? Before you know it, your trip is over and you haven’t seen much.

Tour the Game of Thrones and get the most out of your visit!


Great sense of humor

Tomislav gave a wonderful game of thrones tour my whole family thoroughly enjoyed - despite the fact only half of us had seen the entire series! He paced our walk to match the very warm day and showed us parts of the old city that we had not yet seen. He also had photos from the movies so you could see the comparison between GoT scenes and the city. He also knew the history of Dubrovnik and had a great sense of humor. I highly recommend this tour.
Sonia Burt,

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