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Game Of Thrones Is Not Over!

What did you think?


Many people have been complaining about how the Game of Thrones ended. In fact, there is even a petition going around to get the directors to film a different ending. Others, like me, were satisfied with the way the show ended. Sort of like a full circle kind of ending. But, mixed reviews mean people are still talking about the series finale of the Game of Thrones and that is a good thing.

Here at Tour the Game of Thrones, we love the controversy of what has sparked regarding the ending of this epic television show. It gets people talking and we like it. It also inspires people to get moving. To come and visit the historic places where some infamous scenes were shot. And we couldn’t be more welcoming to the visitors. Game of Thrones, the series, may be over but the show will live on in our hearts forever.

In Croatia, many locations were used to film the show and from what we hear, there are some spinoffs that will be coming in the near future. For us, that means that the Game of Thrones legacy will continue to live on and engage people for many years to come. If you are a super fan of the series, like we are, come visit and let us take you away to Westeros and King’s Landing and everything in between. While you are here, we want to know what you think about the way the show ended.

As you are aware, George R.R. Martin is still writing A Song Of Ice and Fire, the books in which the series was based upon. So the ending in the show was from a producer and director’s standpoint, not what is stirring up in Martin’s head. This is where some of the unhappiness in the show’s ending lies. But like anything, all good things must come to an end at some point and while it took Martin many decades to write these epic books, he has just scratched the surface. We surely can’t base a television show on waiting for an author to finish his work of art.

Think of the ending from a television standpoint and not from the novel view. If you are still in love with this series, keep reading the books because eventually, you will get the ending you dreamed of. For those who fell in love with the show itself, think of the ending for what it was: to end a beautiful and well-structured show on the best note possible because that is what the Game of Thrones crew did.

We want to know what you think! Come visit us in Croatia and let us show you all of the remarkable and wonderful places that brought the Game of Thrones to life. We promise that once you visit, you will change your mind about the Game of Thrones if you were unhappy with its ending.

Tour the Game of Thrones today and let us help you fall in love with the series all over again.


Top Tour. Excellent guide

Booked the your with Tom as a birthday prezzi for my GOT mad hubby. The best thing I ever did. Amazing couple of hours with a hospital, friendly guide with so much knowledge. We would do it all again if we had time. Don't miss this. Tom is certainly top of his game and his knowledge of his home city is interesting, fun and a fab start to our holiday. Do this tour. It's brilliant.
Allie McCann,

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