Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in December

Dubrovnik in December is nothing short of breathtaking


Flying to Dubrovnik in December isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is an off-peak time but there are still many things to do while you are there. For one, you will avoid the tourists and basically have the city all to yourself. Now that sounds like a plan to enjoy a little alone time and tour the Game of Thrones! Consider the discovery of Dubrovnik in December.

One of the first places you will want to head to is the Old Town, which is the old part of the city that is actually rather new as it had been rebuilt after the war in the early 1990s. The first reason why you should go in December? Hotel prices are very inexpensive. You can stay in an awesome location for a really good price and be where everything is. We press you to try and do this during the summer months.

In Old Town, there are many things to see and do. You can check out the Dominican Monastery with its amazing architecture, cool little gift shops, Sponza Palace, the Old Port (with a wonderful view of the harbor from outside the walls), Rector’s Palace (a Gothic-Renaissance style mansion and museum), the Dubrovnik Cathedral, and St. Ignatius Church. There is so much more you can see and do but these are some of the highlights.

The great thing about touring Dubrovnik during the off-season is that you can wander the streets, climb countless staircases, walk through narrow alleys and search for the best views. They are everywhere but you can’t do this very well in the summer. When you find a spot, the views will take your breath away.

Once the sun sets you will feel the chill of the December night air but there are lovely bars and restaurants open that will help you warm up! Old Town is lit up with festive Christmas and New Year’s decorations. There is even a Christmas market that has dancing with a DJ, colored lights and drinks! There’s always a party in Dubrovnik even in the winter!

Another thing you can do in Dubrovnik in December is taking a walking tour of the Game of Thrones. See where many of the show’s scenes were shot, right in Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas. These tours are private and available to you all year long. So why not let someone lead you around and show you all that this great city has to offer? You won’t be fighting crowds of people for the best views. They are yours for the taking.

If you are looking for a little European getaway, consider Dubrovnik in December. You will basically have the city to yourself and you will be able to appreciate it just a little better. Do come back in the summer, however, so you can experience all of the hustle and bustle that this incredible city has to offer as well.

Tour the Game of Thrones in December!


Highlight of our Croatia trip

Three of us did the full day tour with Tom and Neno, and it was the highlight of our entire Croatia trip. Both tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable about Game of Thrones and the history of the various locations, so you really get a feel for Dubrovnik. Tom made sure we got great photos - he knows which locations and angles will make for the best ones, and he's very patient and willing to take a few! We particularly loved driving out to the gardens to see the locations there - the views and flowers were beautiful, and it's off the beaten path so it was nice to escape the crowds in the city. In addition to being incredibly interesting, Tom and Neno were both thoughtful and really made us feel taken care of. They made sure we got coffee at a great (and affordable) location in the city, worked around our schedule for a lunch break, and even made an extra stop at the bus station so we could buy our tickets to Split on the way back from the gardens, saving us a lot of time and stress! They're just incredibly lovely people, and you won't regret a minute or a dollar spent on this tour
Aubrey Eyer,

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