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Learn Croatian before you visit Dubrovnik!


Before you come to Dubrovnik for your Game of Thrones tour, why not learn a few basic words of Croatian? It will help you understand the locals better and they would appreciate it. When you visit a foreign country it’s common courtesy to understand a small amount of the language that is spoken in that country. Although most Croatians understand English very well, it is very considerate when you try to adapt to their language. Trust us, it is very much appreciated!

Even if you speak absolutely no Croatian, it’s worth learning a few words before you go. If you make the effort, even just to say thank you or goodbye in the local language, you might just make someone’s day! Croatian is a relatively easy language to learn and there are so many outlets these days in which to learn before you go. Below are just a few words, phrases and sentences that may help you no matter where you are in Croatia. We can’t wait to hear you speak our language!

Common words and phrases

da – yes

ne – no

hvala – thank you

molim – please

bok – hi or bye

lzvoli – you’re welcome

mozda – maybe

oprosti – excuse me

dobro jutro – good morning

dobar dan – good day

dobra vecer – good evening

dovidenja – goodbye

Simple questions and answers

Kako si (ti)? – How are you?

Ja sam dobro – I’m fine

Kake se (ti) zoves? – What is your name?

Ja se zovem – My name is…

Useful sentences

Govorite li engleski? – Do you speak English?

Zao mi je, ne govorim hrvatski – I’m sorry, I don’t speak Croatian.

Oprostite, gdje je WC? – Excuse me, where’s the toilet?

Svida mi se ovdje! – I like it here!

Of course, you can search the internet and find audio pronunciations of all these words, phrases and sentences so you can best understand how to say them. Knowing just of few of these keywords and phrases will earn you a lot of points with the locals. You may even begin to enjoy learning the language to better understand the culture.

We think learning just a few words in any language of a country you are visiting is a good thing. When foreigners visit your homeland, don’t you like it better when they understand your language? You appreciate the effort and even find yourself wanting to learn more about that person and their language. It’s a great way to unite different cultures. We can all use some unity in this world.

When you Tour the Game of Thrones, we can communicate to you in English but you may just catch us saying a few things in Croatian as well. It is beneficial to you to learn a few words. It will truly enhance your vacation experience in Dubrovnik. When you tour with us, we show you not just places that the Game of Thrones was filmed, but we are showing you our culture and explain to you why this television show filmed here. Croatia is a magical place so get ready to explore!

Learn the language and then come visit Dubrovnik today!


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Didn't mind the rain as the tour was great!

Tom, speaking in perfect English, gave us history of Dubrovnik plus Game of Thrones film locations. He carried with him a photo album of Dubrovnik Game of Thrones scenes ---very helpful in making us remember GoT scenes. It was a very rainy day but Tom made the tour so interesting that we didnt mind the rain much.
Aurora Abellada,

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