Dubrovnik, Croatia

Destination Wedding in Dubrovnik!

Have your destination wedding in Dubrovnik!


Croatia is a remarkable place, with beautiful locations everywhere you look. Whether you are just looking for a wonderful destination wedding place or you and your significant other are major Game of Thrones fans, Dubrovnik has everything you are looking for and more!

We aren’t saying that your wedding will end like the Purple Wedding in the Game of Thrones, but Dubrovnik is so beautiful that there are magnificent places to have your nuptials. Your guests can enjoy a Game of Thrones tour to see where some of the famous scenes were shot as well as seeing the beautiful history of Croatia.

Here are a few places we think you may enjoy having your wedding, Game of Thrones fan or not.


The Croatian coastal city was used to represent King’s Landing’s exteriors. The charm of the city walls is something to be remembered. There are some beautiful spots to have a reception including some beautiful gardens and pristine hotels.

Fort Lovrijenac

Also known as St. Lawrence Fortress and often called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar,” is a fortress and theatre located outside the western wall of Dubrovnik. In Game of Thrones, it is the Red Keep and thanks to several budding Croatian entrepreneurs, you can hold a wedding for over 100 Guests.

Gradac Park

If you know the show, then you this is where the famous Purple Wedding was shot. The Purple Wedding is the one where Joffrey gets poisoned. This park is situated below Fort Lovrijenac. We’re not saying to reenact the famous wedding scene from the show but it’s a lovely place to put your own spin on things!

Lokrum Island

The Island of Lokrum is a beautiful islet only 15 minutes away from the Old City Port of Dubrovnik. The Island of Lokrum offers a variety of hidden gems such as spall peaceful resorts, little bays as well as pine groves and laurel trees. The Island offers two enchanting venues for your wedding ceremony. The first ceremony venue is the Benedictine Monastery and its botanical garden. The second ceremony location is the Palm Garden, which consists of two graceful gardens. The palm trees divide the gardens into to possible ceremony areas. Your reception will take place in one of Dubrovnik’s top class restaurants set in one of those secluded corners of the town’s enchanting little streets.

The Rector’s Palace

The Rector’s Palace had a central role in the Dubrovnik Republic. Today it is still one of the most significant monuments in Dubrovnik. The Palace was built in the mid 15th century in Renaissance and Gothic style with some Baroque details. The front of the Rector’s Palace is the backdrop for the scene in Game of Thrones when Daenerys Targaryen asks the Spice King of Qarth for ships to take her army across the Narrow Sea. There are many areas here to host wedding ceremonies.

Whatever destination wedding you are looking to create, Croatia has the answer!  Have a Game of Thrones themed wedding or just send your guests on a tour when they are here.  Whatever you choose, let the experts at Tour the Game of Thrones help!

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Excelent. Simply the best tour! Tomislav was a great guide, flexible, available to anwser about many other facts from the city's amazing history! This is an excelente tour and I recommend it to any Game of Thtrones fan!
Jose Antonio Silva,

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