Dubrovnik, Croatia

Customized Game of Thrones Tour

It often happens that the groups I’m touring with are combined of different people. Some of them are die hard Game of Thrones fans that also read the books, others just enjoy the show, while some of them just like “the little guy and the blonde” or are actually not that impressed by the show. For such mixed bunches, the best option is to arrange the customized Game of Thrones tour that combines the turbulent history of Dubrovnik (and wider region) and the magnetic world of the “Song of Ice and Fire”.

Game of Thrones TourAndrew’s Canadian group was on their three-week European trip and has had two full days in Dubrovnik area so we decided to organize the trip that would include the historic tour around Dubrovnik, the tour around the GOT locations and a one-day trip to nearby Montenegro. As the weather played a bit with us we decided to do the tour to Montenegro on the first day, while the Dubrovnik/GOT tour was reserved for the second day (which actually worked better for the Game of Thrones fans).

Although small in size, Montenegro is a beautiful country which has a lot in common with Croatia: it abounds with ancient walled towns, astonishing panoramic landscapes, rich history and great food and wine! And the best part is that it’s located at about 40 minutes drive from Dubrovnik which makes it an ideal option for a full day trip. Since we had limited time we only concentrated on the southern part of the country, which involved the drive around the Bay of Kotor (which is southernmost fjord of Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site) with stop overs at medieval towns of Perast, Kotor and Budva.

Andrew’s group fully enjoyed the trip of the Kotor Bay area and has had a chance to sample some of the local food, wines and spirits, but the whole Montengrin experience served as a nice preparation for Dubrovnik/Game of Thrones tour. Andrew’s group was staying in Cavtat, which is located at the outskirts of Dubrovnik area so this made their Dubrovnik tour the first contact with this 1400-year-old town even more impressive. The tour started with a visit to Dubrovnik City Walls which delivered the wow-effect for both GOT fans and non-fans, then followed through the streets of Old Town, covering other Dubrovnik landmarks, and it ended up in a GOT-themed climax on the Fortress of St Lawrence aka the Red Keep.

  • Our Lady of the Rocks island
  • Lady of the Rocks islet
  • Perast Town
  • Bay of Kotor
  • Kotor town
  • Stannis's ship in Dubrovnik port?
  • Dubrovnik port
  • Dubrovnik port
  • Sansa and Shae
  • Swordfight at the Red Keep


What a brilliant tour! Tom is incredibly knowledgable about Game of Thrones as well as Dubrovnik's history in general. He is enthusiastic, speaks great English, and made sure we saw all the important sites.
Neil Coleclough,

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