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Life shouldn’t just be filled with days; days should be filled with life! There is nowhere better to put this philosophy into practice than in Croatia! According to the Croatian National Tourist Board, visiting Croatia should be filled with quality experiences with people you love, visiting and exploring everything this great country has to offer.

Pristine beaches

With turquoise waters, you can relax in secluded coves edged with pine trees or explore finger-like sand spits. It’s a perfect opportunity to fully recharge your batteries. Croatia has over 6,000 km of coastline that is sure to hold the beach of your dreams!

Explore nature

You can have family adventures in the forest, romantic moments under waterfalls and pushing yourself to the limit with your friends and family by stunning lake basins or on exhilarating mountain peaks.

Culture and heritage

Lose yourself on charming medieval streets, exploring early Christian mosaic or stepping into an impressive Byzantine cathedral. It will remind you of how the spirits of Central Europe and the Mediterranean converge in Croatia. UNESCO has recognized Croatia’s unique cultural heritage by adding it to the World Heritage List.

Come behind the scenes

Lannister, Stark, Targaryen. If you recognize any of these names then you will love exploring some of the places that have inspired locations seen in the Game of Thrones. King’s Landing really does exist! You can even walk through its streets. In the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, you can revisit the Blackwater Battle, visit the House of the Undying and even recreate your own series finale!

You can visit Red Keep Gardens within King’s Landing. To enjoy the lush and exotic vegetation, all you have to do is travel twenty minutes north of Dubrovnik up the coast to Trsteno Arboretum, which dates back to 1502. Among its species of flora are two giant plane trees that are over 400 years old. They are unique specimens of the plant in Europe.

There is no need to cross the Narrow Sea to reach Essos. At Diocletian’s ancient Roman palace in Split, you will soon recognize where Daenerys established her unstoppable rise to power. Twenty minutes north of Split lies one of Khaleesi’s conquests. The Klis Fortress was the location of the city of Meereen in the TV series. The fort holds unforgettable panorama views of Split, Solin, Kastela and the islands of Brac, Solta, Hvar, and Vis.

There is no better way to tour Croatia than by allowing Tour the Game of Thrones to show you the way. You will discover hidden treasures made popular by the show and things you never knew existed. Croatia, in general, is sure to take your breath away, it’s up to you to come and experience it.

At Tour the Game of Thrones we are happy to show you all the scenes that were shot in the epic show but we are proud of our country and are happy to have you explore some culture and heritage while you are here too.


Friendly And Warm Personality

Tomislav gave us not only a wonderful G.O.T. tour but also shared his vast knowledge of Dubrovnik & Croatian history. We thoroughly enjoyed his friendly & warm personality. Highly recommend taking his tour.
Robert Adelman,

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