Dubrovnik, Croatia

Introducing Her Majesty, Cersei the Cat

I guess that it’s high time to introduce you to the queen of the castle (actually the Fortress of St Lawrence AKA the Red Keep) – Cersei the cat! Without Cersei the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour wouldn’t just be the same and I believe that most fans who had a chance to take this tour also have their own pictures of Cersei, so it’s only fair to share her story with the broader fan base.

Game of Thrones tourCersei is the cat that lives inside the Fortress of St Lawrence for the last 10 years or so. I have heard mixed information on how long she’s been there (which generally depends on the person who works at the entrance to the fortress), however since it is not nice to ask a lady for her age, we’ll just assume that she’s around 10-11 years old (at least this is what all of these guards agree). Her name actually isn’t Cersei, but since none of the guys that work at the Fortress has actually given her a name I started calling her Cersei as it nicely fits her nature. Aside from her pleasant looks she’s rather shrewd and generally always gets what she wants.

Cersei’s domain is somewhat bigger than the Fortress of St Lawrence as she moves from the Dubrovnik Game of Thronestiny fishing port below the fortress (which is also familiar from the show – this is where the Gold Cloaks slayed King Robert’s bastards in Season 2 and where Littlefinger tried to lure Sansa to escape King’s Landing in Season 3) to Gradac Park, where the Purple Wedding was filmed. You can see her in the port early in the morning when she waits for the fishermen to return with the catch of the day. In the afternoon hours she moves to Gradac park, where she’s generally engaged in participating in tourist picnics. Seeing her in the local restaurant Orhan is also not  a rare scene, however for most of the time you can find her at the fortress as this is where her bowl of Whiskas is served about 3 times a day.

In spite to her massive appetite, Cersei is rather fit and is quite capable of taking care of herself so seeing her chasing mice and birds is not uncommon.

If you’re planning on doing a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour, make sure to give Cersei her customary belly rub before entering her castle. Otherwise, she won’t be as cooperative for picture taking!

  • Cersei posing with a fan
  • Cersei in the Red Keep
  • customary belly rub
  • Customary belly rub
  • Walk of 'penance' (she smelled food)
  • cersei at the entrance
  • Whiskas time!
  • Posing with Qarth in the background
  • More fans with Cersei
  • Hodoring with cersei around


Definitely lived up to reputation

Excellent tour! Tom was fantastic. We read lots of great reviews of Tom before booking and he definitely lived up to them. Very knowledgeable and funny, about both the Game of Thrones and the history of Dubrovnik in general. Anyone who says that you don't need a tour guide to see the sights of Dubrovnik should really reconsider that line of thinking. We got more from a 2-hour tour with Tom than we would've got in 2 weeks walking around the city on our own. Would definitely recommend booking a tour with Tom and his team.  
John Wood,
United Kingdom

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