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Have you ever dreamed of visiting a fantasyland where characters from your favorite show or movie have walked?  If you are a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, make your dream a reality by booking a Game of Thrones Tour through scenic Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Despite its dragons and white walkers, the Game of Thrones world isn’t all make-believe.  As a matter of fact, its capital, King’s Landing, almost entirely filmed in the very real, and the very beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has deemed Dubrovnik a UNESCO World Heritage site.  A World Heritage Site is a landmark or area, which is selected by UNESCO as having cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance and is legally protected by international treaties.

As a World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik is known as the pearl of the Adriatic thanks to its strategic location on the Dalmatian Coast and its stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture.  Since the HBO show has debuted, the city has seen a large rise in tourism.  So if you are jet-setting to Croatia, find a great tour guide and be sure to check some of these landmarks out.

City Walls

Dubrovnik’s walls are featured in many Games of Thrones scenes.  These ancient barriers are the main reason the crew of Game of Thrones went to Dubrovnik in the first place.  The city walls are immaculately preserved and look exactly the way King’s Landing should look.

Tresteno Arboretum

This park, located about nine miles from Dubrovnik doubles as the Red Keep’s gardens.  It’s beautiful and secretive because of its tall hedges.  Just the place for Cersei to plot her next move.

Fort Lovrijenac

Its interiors are used as the halls of the Red Keep and the exteriors are seen in shots of Blackwater Bay.  You can go inside this ancient fortress and explore.

The Jesuit Stairs

The Jesuit Stairs off of St Dominka Street is one of the sites from Cersei Lannister’s infamous walk of atonement.  Who can forget that scene!  Aside from hosting this scene this unassuming neighborhood is lined with outdoor cafes and street vendors and is less touristy than Dubrovnik’s main area.

The Island of Lokrum

Of the Game of Thrones artifacts, the official Iron Throne is located in a small museum on the island of Lokrum.  You can actually sit on it and capture the moment in a picture.  Lokrum is also home to many of the shooting locations for Qarth, the unsettling city Daenerys visited in season two as well as an impressive amount of colorful peacocks.  You can also visit the island’s famous Cliffside and take a plunge into the pristine Adriatic waters.

With every season but one of Games of Thrones filmed in Dubrovnik, almost every street, hidden alley or grand building has popped up in an exterior shot somewhere.  If you want to get the best tour of Game of Thrones, let the guides at Tour the Game of Thrones take you on a magical adventure you will never forget.

Come see Dubrovnik today and book your Game of Thrones Tour!

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One of most memorable tours

This was one of our most memorable tours to date. I'm very picky about tours because I really don't like being herded like sheep in larger groups. This tour was completely personal. We took the shorter tour because the island was closed for the season but we would have loved to continue spending time with Neno. We got so much fun information about the show but also got just tons of interesting points about the area, history etc. My mom has a little less mobility and he was patient, positive and supportive. He never made her feel like she couldn't keep up. The views were stunning and we enjoyed every minute of the day. We would recommend this tour to anyone coming to Dubrovnik. Thank you Neno!!
Kendra McMasters,
Walnut Creek, US

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