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Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The history of Dubrovnik


The history of Dubrovnik began in the 7th century (around the year 614). A group of refugees from Epidaurus established a settlement on the small islet called Laus (in Greek means rock). These refugees were fleeing from the Avars who… Continue reading

Vacation in Croatia

The Do’s and Don’ts in Croatia


With approximately 1,200 islands, blue waters, and picturesque villages rich in history, Croatia is drawing more and more travelers to its shores. Croatia has been luring travelers with its pristine national parks, adventure sports, and UNESCO World Heritage sites… Continue reading

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Friggin awesome!

Tom was so friggin awesome!! We had a blast touring the city and seeing all of the GOT filming locations. He also provided a lot of info about the history of Dubrovnik. PLUS, his sister was an extra on the set of Game of Thrones, so he knows his stuff. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting a more personalized experience!
Erin Hill,
Texas, US

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