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Best Time To Travel To Croatia

The best time to travel to Croatia


Croatia is becoming the IT place in Eastern Europe to spend vacations from people all around the world. The best time to travel to Croatia largely depends on priorities and budgets, but there are yearly weather, tourist, and price patterns that make certain times of the year in Croatia more agreeable than others. Generally, the best times to visit this increasingly Eastern European popular tourist destination are in the spring or early autumn, when all the elements come together.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning your trip:


Croatia’s best weather comes between April and September, which also is the main tourist period. Temperatures start warming up in April, though it’s still too cool for swimming and spring rains are common. In May and June, temperatures nationwide are warmer and days longer, making this an ideal time to visit. In September, the weather is still warm but without the sweltering heat of July and August.


July and August are peak tourist months in Croatia and therefore, the priciest time to visit. Accommodation rates soar and rooms throughout Croatia are frequently double the off-season price. Costs for meals and transportation generally remain stable despite the tourist influx, although people are more likely to pay more to get the last spot on a ferry, train, or bus. In April, May, much of June and September, off-season accommodation prices are available amid fine weather.


From September through May, there are relatively few tourists in Croatia compared to the jam-packed summer. Crowds are especially sparse during the winter and start to pick up slightly in April. Groups of European students on school trips begin to arrive in May and June, crowding hotels and cultural hot spots.

For the crowd-phobic, it’s best to avoid the Croatian coast during July and August, when people from all of Europe and beyond descend on the beaches and popular coastal cities such as Dubrovnik and Split. Meanwhile, Zagreb and other inland Croatian cities are calm during this time, as locals head to the coast. In September, crowds start to disperse as the school year starts up, and visitors can explore the country in peace and comfort.

Cultural events

There are major cultural events in Croatia throughout the year, but most festivals and public celebrations take place from April through August. Visitors can enjoy the launch of Zagreb’s cultural season in April when the city’s Contemporary Music Festival is held. Dubrovnik hosts its own four-day international film festival in May, drawing filmmakers from around the world. Summer in Croatia is as full of festivals as tourists, with highlights including the Croatian Pop Music Festival in June and the month-long Dubrovnik Summer Music Festival in July, with nightly concerts and outdoor plays presented at venues around the city.

No matter when you choose to see this beautiful country, you will not be disappointed. When you are here, there are so many things to see and do. Of course, if you are coming here, you know full well that the popular television series, Game of Thrones, was filmed here. So when in Croatia, take a tour of The Game of Thrones filming locations.

Tour the Game of Thrones with us!


Very kid friendly!

After our late arrival and issues with the hotel, Tom was able to modify our tour time. The tour was very informative on several GOT scenes and background info about the show. Excellent tour guide, very kid friendly, definitely recommend to others.
Jorge Ulloa,

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