Dubrovnik, Croatia

Welcome to Dubrovnik!

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What Makes Us Different?

  •  We are running exclusively private tours while the rest of touring companies in Dubrovnik run group departures (that offer no flexibility)
  • As such we are always ready to customize the tour
  • Our tours are pet-friendly (so the clients can bring their animals along)
  • The pace is adjusted to the traveler and the pet

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Don’t miss any of the iconic Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik.
Discover the real King’s Landing in an entertaining tour designed by true GoT fans!

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Aside from being devoted GoT fans, our guides are officially licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.

All our tours are private so you’ll have your own guide at your disposal during the entire tour!

About Us

Great customer service

Great tour with Tom as our guide. We really liked that we had a private tour. It was nice that we didn't have to deal with a large group and Tom could gear the tour to what we were interested in. Tom suggested we start early in order to avoid the busy crowds in Dubrovnik. He was great at skirting us around the crowds and of course he took us to the iron throne for photos. His customer service did not end with the tour. He sent me an email with lots of other places to see while we were in Dubrovnik.
Patricia Beauchamp,

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